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The Closed Mold Alliance is comprised of three companies, each with unique closed mold expertise. Those companies include: Composites One, the largest North American composites distributor, as well as renowned closed mold experts; Magnum Venus Plastech, the largest composites equipment and systems manufacturer; and RTM North, a leading tool and hardware manufacturer in North America.

The ultimate goal of the Closed Mold Alliance is to offer a turnkey closed mold system for manufacturers. Together, the Alliance partners offer education and training, as well as consultation to assist in the conversion to closed mold processes allowing composites companies to enjoy the success and advantages of closed mold manufacturing.

The Closed Mold Alliance will serve the composites industry by providing composites manufacturers a complete closed mold solution including introduction and education, tooling resources, materials, equipment, and implementation consultation and assistance. This achievement marks an unprecedented turning point within the industry and will impact the future development of closed mold applications as more and more companies make the decision to convert to this more economical and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

The Alliance will initially offer manufacturers closed mold education and expert consultation. Customized tooling can then be engineered and produced and used with project specific materials and equipment along with in-house start-up assistance and training. A series of closed mold-related educational programs are available through Closed Mold University which provides practical, hands-on learning. The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has developed a VIP Certification program (VIP CCT) and is in the process of developing a Light RTM Certification program. It is intended that the ACMA and the Closed Mold Alliance programs will complement each other and together afford the best and most thorough education in the industry today.